Double-bouncing day today

Yesterday, I was so excited about the petition getting approved and only been a class and a week from graduating. Today, I had a doctor's visit to follow up for the problems I had at GenCon and a checkpoint on the pre-diabetes thing.


I ended up not eating before I got there so I had a fasting blood sugar. Their little prick test put me at 105. Which is very good news since I was 137 the last one (which was a fluke) and around 122 for the rest of them. And the A1C test came back as 5.5, which is right in the "perfectly healthy" range of things for a three month average.

So, just to get that level down just a little bit more and keep on exercising. The doctor doesn't think I need to worry about it too much, but I'm going to keep on it mainly because the fear of diabetes is getting me to change my health. Which is probably the best, long-term thing at this point.

In completely other news, I got my personalized license plates today. Yes, a completely vanity thing in general and it will increase my annual license fee by 1%, but still... it's cute.