Four more days

Four more days until the end of class and I'm excited about that. I also got the notice for my petition, which was accepted after the responses. Thirty seconds later, I was on the phone with my academic adviser who got the same email only a few minutes before me. So, I'm now one class and one week from my masters and I'm very excited.

Work is relaxing a little bit this week, but I'm still not over the major hump I'm working on. I try so hard to get things done, and it is nice I get the impression that I'm appreciated and wanted. Call is self-esteem but I worry about those type of things. I also want to be the best employee I can be.

I've been obsessing about two things for no reason. One is a little Kingdom of Loathing script. It is turning out to be a tad more difficult than I expected; I know I can do it, I just can't get the bits and bytes to shift the way I need them too.

I've also been working on world development for my steampunk world. Partially scripts, partially language. Messing around with the map and trying to figure out how much history is important to the story. I mean, I know that some of the history is important since it shows up in Flight of the Scions, but how much is enough. I think I could spend months coming up with the history, mainly because I have so much fun.

... though, I really need to get to the "do" part of those things again. Right now, I have the following on my radar:

  • Scroll of the Lands
  • Unit Performance
  • Flight of the Scions
  • My Father's Bike
  • DG

I know there are more to consider, but those seem to be the ones I want to play with now. Well, and making a font for the lovely scripts I found. *sigh* More projects than time. And I seem to love it.