A lovely night of walking

Today, I learned that Inigo really, really likes frogs. I went to Weight Watchers (lost 0.3 kg which negates half of the last two weeks) and managed to only stick my foot in my mouth once. Then, getting home an hour later than normal, I decided that as much as I wanted to play on the computer, I'd go on a walk.

One and a half hours later, I'm tired, Inigo is tired and staring hopefully at every. single. dark. spot. on the trail hoping it is a frog. I managed to walk just under four miles, which isn't too bad. I wasn't in a hurry or anything.

I also enjoyed thinking about My Father's Bike, which is the novel-like thing I'm working on. I finally sat down and got a chapter outline set up for the thing and I'm a bit happier about it.

Didn't do much beyond thinking about it though, I'm planning that for tomorrow. Tonight, I only had an hour or so, so I decided to mess around with a Emacs major mode for ASH, the scripting language used by KoLmafia. Kind of fun, but still a challenge. And it gave me some new insights on how to improve csharp-mode, which is one of those things I really need to polish up a bit more.