The sunshine of life

Been an interesting week for me. Got a little burned out with heavy working. As typical, overtime has a specific, well, half-life before it becomes ineffective. In my case, three weeks of working 12-15 hour days is about the limit of my ability. After that, I start to get fuzzy and lose my ability to really solve problems quickly. That said, I think I've done an amazing amount of work in the last few weeks and I'm pretty proud of what I have created.

Fluffy is, as she has a right to be, unhappy with the amount of work I've been doing. I've already proven that I'm less than talented at stopping when I'm obsessing and she is my 2x4 to prevent me from burning out. It starts off with "I'm unhappy" and if I keep pushing it, sooner or later, she'll basically club me over the head and pull me off the computer, kicking and screaming. I haven't gotten to that point, but I know it's there.

Writing-wise, working out some of the style of Fedran. My Oile series isn't quite perfect, I haven't found a proper voice for it, but I'm getting happier with it as I keep on writing. I already knew that it wouldn't be a masterpiece but more of a stepping stool to something else. I already have the basic plot prepare for the plot and I'll probably finish after that. Then, either work on another short series or something more substantial.

It is hard working on a vacuum. Like most of my creative works, people don't read or comment much. I asked Fluffy, but she doesn't like it. Oh well, maybe someday I'll find that spark again. The problem is, I try too hard to be successful and that really isn't the way to do it. I'm trying hard not to focus on that and just work on writing; I want to be better and the only way to do is to paraphrase Dori from Finding Nemo:

Just keep swimming... just keep swimming...