A Cinderella story

I feel like Cinderella right now. Trying to get all my chores done before ICON starts. I'm missing the first night, that's tonight, but I had too many things to be done to really enjoy it. Not to mention, my car is in the shop so I'd have to walk to the hotel to enjoy it. Instead, I'm hoping to get all my chores and homework done in time so Fluffy can drop me off two hours before the convention to let me blow my entire day at the hotel.

I'm mostly looking forward to it and desperately hoping that I don't:

  • Put my foot in my mouth.
  • Say stupid wanna-be writer things that always seem to get out.
  • Do the wrong thing at the wrong time

I already have that pre-convention regret that I haven't gotten anything published yet. I so much want to be a writer, to be one of those shining stars at the convention, but... it still isn't the time for me. Maybe next time, well, probably not. The odds of getting "properly published" by GenCon at this point are pretty much nil. But, it still won't stop me from trying. I like getting published. I love that high you get with the acceptance letter and the even greater high when you finally hold the book in your own hand.

Self-publishing is good for the second part, but it isn't nearly as intense when it comes from someone else. I like that high, probably the only one I really allow myself to enjoy.

But, a house to clean, homework to write, research to do, and Resident Evil on the video player. And I'm only a few long hours for having my own little Cinderella story.