And the point where money starts to matter

I started the process of getting feedback on Flight of the Scions. I threw it up on Lulu (private only) and got three copies printed off. Someone at work is willing to read it and two people from the writing group. I figured by the time they respond, I should be ready to start carving out large hunks of the book. I know stories are as long as they need to be, but I also think I don't need quite so many words to tell the story.

This is also the point I'm going to start tracking money. I know I spent a bunch already on prior versions of the novel, but I'm going to ignore that. So, starting three days ago, I'm going to track it and see if I can make this book succeed.

I'll admit, the really scary part is getting the feedback. I'm hoping that all three people won't say it sucks, but I'm also hoping that all three don't say it is the "bestest book in the whole wide world!" (I'm not that good of a writer). We'll find out in a few weeks, but still nerve-wracking.