Weekend in summary

This was a very celebratory weekend. Last week was my birthday (I'm now past the 36th year mark) and today is EDM's first birthday. We had cake, smash cake (pictures maybe), and presents. I got some awesome new shirts, though I normally dislike getting clothes for presents. This Sunday is EDM's formal birthday party with 15-50 people showing up (no one is RSVP'ing).

I also started on a commission. That will be this week, along with some editing. Only 10% into the 10k commission, but I'm pretty happy with where it is going. Lots of character development and tragedy. And, if all goes well, I'll get at least two out of the three beta reader comments this week.

I'm not sure how sincere it is, but two of the editing quotes had a nice egoboo. I've posted an excerpt, hopefully that will be okay:

First, I must say this manuscript is very well written. I found the story and characters compelling, the worldbuilding solid, and the multiple cultures springing to life. [...] Among the hundreds of manuscripts I have reviewed, yours stands out among the few truly gifted authors I’ve worked with. [...] I’m pleased to have the privilege of reading the first 27,000 words without charge from someone with real talent, and I would love to read the whole book.

First let me say that it was a pleasure to read your work. There is an old-world, mysterious tone about your writing that I enjoyed very much and pulled me in. [...] The writing is solid and full of details, and the manuscript is in very good condition.

So, squee is appropriate here. Even if it isn't real, I'm still very happy with that. And both editor gave less than posted amounts for the quotes, so Flight might actually be there. And, given that I'm always worried that this is going to be a horrible story, I think those two quotes will get me through the rest of the year.

I also got the house ready for an inspection, and helped the landlord do his bit. Yay for electrical wiring.


I worked a lot on my Javascript theme framework. I still have a bit more to go, but someone finally commented on my posts, so hopefully I'll get a bit of testing and verification if it works. My goal for this is to get http://d.moonfire.us/ and http://mfgames.com/ both migrated over (assuming it works) and the system working with WordPress, Simple Machines Forum, and DokuWiki by the end of the month.