Round 2 (aka revision 1.4) is here

Today, I got my two physical copies of Flight in the mail. This is revision 1.4 (next will be revision 1.41, try to guess the pattern). This is after cutting 80k words from the novel and bringing it down to 119k words, which is the upper end of what I was trying for. However, I hit a wall in editing and just had to get it out.

I'm planning on 3-4 beta readers. Fluffy said she would read it, her mother volunteered today and took a copy home. Someone at the writing group asked it and a co-worker's wife asked for a Kindle version.

Below is revision 1 and revision 1.4 on top of each other. The white is revision 1 and you can see it is a whole lot bigger in physical form.

This is the front. I used one of the default covers for Lulu and I'm not impressed. The background image is far too dark for the font and there is no hope in getting that to look good. But, I just wanted a random cover that wasn't white.

Things are exciting. I think I have a complete plot now, and the damage is pretty much repaired. This round of beta readers is to find out what I missed in cutting and what needs to be polished over a few more.

I'm giong to sit on the 80k words removed. I think they might have some merits in the future.

Overall, while I'm burned out on editing, I'm pretty excited Flight is moving forward.