And we are getting near the end

I work in phases mainly to support the two greatly different parts of my life. On one side, I love writing and all it entails. In the other, I love programming just as much. For the last two years, I've been pretty heavily writing while I try to get Flight out of the door. A week ago, I sent out the first of the submissions. Naturally, I found typos in the later chapters as soon as I did, but the submission process has actually started.

I need to move beyond Flight for a while. And I want to work on Author Intrusion. So, I'm beginning to wind down the writing part of my life and getting ready for a programming phase. Sadly, I'm behind schedule on that bit because I have two short stories (I want to write them more than I have to write them) and 25 chapters left in my serial (that doesn't have to wait), not to mention minor edits on Flight, but hopefully that means that I'll be done "soon" with this part.

I'm excited about sending out Flight. It is the best piece I can create. That means that I'll be emotionally fragile as soon as I get that SASE in six months.

Interestingly, I already have the next novel planned (codename KK followed by PD, SOV, and DC) and about 70% written (the swaths I cut out of FOTS).

So, I'm enjoying the wind-down mainly because finishing things is really the hardest bit about switching phases. It is also the bit that gives me the greatest joy.

Kind of like seeing that manilla envelop go out in the mail.