Today was the perfect day to move

Today was going to be the perfect day. The weather looked like it was going to be warm with a slight breeze. We had to get up early for the movers, something not entirely enjoyed by the household as a general. But, an hour's worth of breaking down the bed and it should be perfect.

When the first snow flakes came down, Fluffy said that it wasn't anything to worry about. By the time the movers showed up, there was a quarter inch on the ground.

The movers took one look at the house and "suggested" we get a second crew and truck. We said yes, mainly because I knew it was going to happen (co-workers talking) but also because it was in budget.

By the time the second crew showed up, there was almost three inches on the drive and we shoveled twice. We also went through a fifty pound bag of salt.

I also slid down the hill trying to load up the car. Probably not the best for dignity, but I was more worried about the clean laundry that used to be in the bag.

In the time it took me to finish three loads of the trunk, there was a layer of snow in the trunk.

The new place also had a nice thick layer of wet, slippery snow on it. One of the movers fell though, but other than that, no injuries.

But, nine hours of moving later and we are now out of the old place and moved into the new place. We, on the other hand, are not in the house because we decided a hotel tonight was a much better idea.

Today was a good day.