A parental visit

This weekend, my dad came to visit. It was a lot of fun to see him, but the Thursday before says a lot about our relationship. He called with an agenda of things he wanted me to teach him and fix on his computer. Of course, there was some "squid pro quid" in there too but we have a lot in common. Apparently, he does make my obsessive-compulsive issues with solving problems look mild.

Mostly, we got a lot of things done. I was just planning on entertaining him and not much else. He, on the other hand, kept asking what I needed done around the house. I mean, I wasn't expecting him to visit and work. But, I made the mistake of saying that I was going to network my office (so I could finally get my computers up) and the main television so the Roku would work smoother. Next thing I know, we're at Lowes picking up networking supplies (ran out of faceplates and jacks). I did most of the wiring work, but he helped plan it out and fish the wires. And I have networking in the basement! I still have a bit of clean up left (stapling wires to the ceiling and the node-0 stuff), but otherwise it is a pretty solid job.

I usually get lectures from him. Remarkably, the "disadvantages of being overweight" one didn't show up. I usually get that one every visit. Instead, I got some concern that Author Intrusion is a waste of time. He seemed to be happy that I'm swamped with writing projects right now. Last Sunday, I had my weekly serial due and a submission for the writing group. The same for this Sunday. I also got a commission for 15k words while he was here.

I did get a lecture about how I really should get a Kindle book online. :) I'm working on that one, but it seems to be taking longer than I wanted, mostly because the commissions, serials, and writing group submissions take precedence to the side project of getting a longish (20-30k) story online. But, hopefully BAM will be a fun fantasy story. It has running!

The only other major thing was that he brought DVDs of his old Super-8 and 8-mm videos while I was growing up. So, Fluffy, he, and I threw it up on the home theater downstairs and we watched the first few years of my life on video. Lot of fun, but Fluffy just started laughing and laughing. Because I had ears. Huge ears.