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I'm in deep cold water

I'm actually not in trouble for once, but I'm still in cold water. This week, Fluffy's cousin had her baby... only ten or so weeks early. Obviously, this was not planned in the slightest bit so I've been juggling schedules and using vacation time to play single parent for the week while she visits her cousin.

Today, she started driving to visit her cousin. The only minor bump was the hot water heater pilot went out the night before, and she used up the last of the hot water to give EDM a bath. I figured it wasn't a problem: call the plumber in the morning and I'll be in for a easy weekend with EDM.

The plumber couldn't show up until 13:00 and he spent an hour before telling me that my 21+ year old hot water heater was dead. And given its age, there were no replacement parts. This was not unexpected and we had a contigency plan. I didn't want to do the contingency plan, since we already had a lot of rather large expenses in the last month (major car repair/maintenance, annual vehicle registration, and a few other things).

An interesting problem is that hot water heaters don't magically show up to get installed. So, I'm hoping to have it on Monday. Which means, no hot water for the weekend. As things go, it is relatively minor (except for the sting of spending money). I'm adaptable and quite proud of it. In fact, tonight's bath water was supplied by a 10 L stock pot on the stove.

"Easy" is a relative term but it really isn't that bad. Besides, I like watching EDM's shows (Curious George, Blues Clues) and playing with his LEGOs.