Casting Call covers and news

I was doing a random search for Casting Call reviews, to see if there was something squee-worthy. To my surprise, I didn't find any reviews, but I found it showing up on a site I wasn't expecting. Inspired, I decided to put it up on Smashwords, redo the title, and properly claim it on Goodreads.


One of the things I've been wanting to do for a while is adjust the Casting Call cover. This is mainly because of some long-term plans for my current projects (BAM, FOTS, AE). So, while SMWM was getting the bath ready for EDM, I shifted stuff around. I also wanted the cover to be a golden ratio (because I'm a geek) along with Smashwords/Apple's new ebook requirements.

The old cover is on the left, the new is on the right.

Old Casting Call Image New Casting Call Image

As you can tell, not that much changed, but I'm pretty happy with the results. It also looks pretty good as a thumbnail.


The thing that set this off was finding that someone had entered Casting Call on Goodreads. That surprised me, mainly because while I had an account on Goodreads, I didn't post Casting Call because it was purely an ebook. But, since someone had taken the effort, I requested Goodreads to make me an author and let me claim the book.

It took a day, but I'm now officially a Goodreads author (yeah, I know that isn't a major accomplishment). And it has the pretty new cover on the site along with descriptions


And since I was already working on it (and Casting Call wasn't part of KDP), I decided to figure out how to make a Smashwords version.

That took a few hours. I'm not enamored with the results, but I like Smashwords because they are a smaller company and they will give me better coverage with Kobo, B&N, etc. At least until I create a more polished version to upload directly. But, Smashwords is apparently going to support EPUB directly, which is a format that I generate very well (at least from my testing).

Naturally, this has the new chapter, which is cool.


I wasn't planning on doing much with Casting Call until after AE is finished (same universe as Casting Call). Well, I was going to add a "also by" when FOTS or BAM gets finished. But, I'm happy that I decided to rework the cover.

I'm also trying to worry less about getting it "perfect," which is why I didn't make a whole post asking for opinions.

Overall, this moves me forward toward the goals of finishing BAM.