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(2015-05-06) WisCon and Bloodbond

(2015-04-12) Writing News

(2015-03-25) Sand and Blood v1.2.0

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(2015-02-06) Outposts of Beyond

(2015-01-19) Forgotten Story - Best of Enemies

(2014-07-15) Smashwords sale and GoodReads giveaway

(2014-06-29) Match Book Pricing

(2014-05-20) Sand and Blood is finally here!

(2013-09-17) Time keeps on passing

(2013-09-15) Finished the first draft of Sand and Love

(2013-07-15) Sand and Blood cover

(2012-10-27) Casting Call covers and news

(2012-05-12) End of the free era… for Casting Call