Thirteen years

Thirteen years ago last Monday, I was fumbling through my wedding vows with SMWM. I'll fully admit it wasn't the smoothest "I do" in the world, but I was distracted by the speech the pastor gave since it was from the movie Hackers.

One of, let's call it quirks, of our marriage is my broad range of creative skills. It's something that she loves, but I've never repeated a gift in thirteen years when it comes to our anniversary.

This year was probably one of the hardest to make. Years ago, I bought one of those "handmade" books of custom paper. It was a splurge purchase and it's moved a couple times with us.

The day after last anniversary, I was looking at it and got an idea. I would write little "inspirational" sayings, poems, essays, and (poorly drawn) illustrations over the year to show how much I love her. It took me quite a while and somehow I was still trying to get those last twenty in Sunday night before I went to bed.

It ended up being 162 pages from end to end and 162 little ways of showing how much I love her.

It was a good year.

She loved it, but it will be hard to beat it next year. :)