Finished the first draft of Sand and Love

One of the biggest rushes is writing "END" at the bottom of a page. It doesn't matter if there are weeks of editing to go or the lovely struggles with typesetting or getting an editor or finding someone to make a cover. Finishing a novel is still a rush and I love that point more than anything else.

Which is probably why I'm dancing around the house humming happily. I got to put that "END" on the first draft of Sand and Love, the sequel to Sand and Blood. The story didn't go the way I expected, at all actually. I didn't even know about the twists before they happened, but when they did, it felt right.

It is a much different story than I have ever written. Though, strangely enough, it is the story I planned on writing when I started. For a fantasy novel, it has relatively little violence, a lot of character interaction, and internal struggle. In that aspect, I think I succeeded.

I'm going to spent a week reading books and doing some of the maintenance things before I jump over to Author Intrusion to work on the command structure.

So, off to bounce around a bit more.