A relaxing weekend

So, another lovely weekend has come and gone. It ended up being more productive than I expected, mainly because SMWM and EDM spent the weekend in a hotel or relatives. As a "gift," I was given some alone time which usually means obsessing about various projects.


The first part of the weekend resulted in me doing a lot of maintenance: mostly helping other people with their websites, shuffling some things around, and generally patching websites and fixing bugs. That took quite a few hours (about a day and a half), but things are now in pretty good shape for everyone I'm helping.


I also managed to get in two stories (1.5k words and 5k words) and worked on a third. I also sent in a submission for a shorter piece. I feel pretty good about writing at this point, almost like a writer.


I got my first merge request for one of the OSS projects I've adopted (docbook2odt). That was awesome, mainly because I've never had a merge request before. I botched it, of course, but I learned a lot more about handling merges with Github. And insisting that pull requests are completely isolated.

I also figured out one of the nasty bugs for my work with the Pidgin Twitter client (prpltwtr). I stumbled on the fix while attempting to write some debugging code, but apparently the JSON print routine makes a copy of the nodes... which is exactly what I needed to do. So, I found a clean way of fixing it and it "mostly" works. Probably leaks memory, but at least it runs without crashing.


I got to watch movies, though it reminded me that I really should keep up with writing about female characters in sci-fi fantasy.

  • Promethus: Pretty fun despite everyone being obviously stupid. The whole med-bay thing was pretty viseral and fantastic, liked it a lot.
  • Running Man: This held up nicely, still an awesome movie.
  • Predators: I feel in love with this movie quiet nicely.
  • Ratatollie: Still liked it, watched it with EDM.
  • Puss in Boots: Corny but fun. EDM actually asked for it by name, which was awesome.
  • The Croods: I despise how the movie went from a girl learning about the world to a hard switch about the dad. Love the flame scene with the birds (the first one).
  • Armageddon: Like this movie a lot. Most of the sound bite lines I didn't care for, but the music is lovely and I still like the tension.

I also watched five episodes of the first season of True Blood.

When I'm writing alone, this is pretty much how I work. A lot of movies and TV shows while writing steadily. And somehow, in all that, I managed to do dishes twice, three loads of laundry, clean, and play parent for a night.

This Week

Next week is ICON 38 and I'm presenting a few chapters of Sand and Love to the writing group on Thursday. So, this means nothing serious on the weekend and I have a lot of critiquing to do since I've submitted some chapters of Sand and Blood to the writing workshop.