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Sand and Blood

Content Warnings - This Book Contains Death

2018 Writing Monies

Life Cycles, Second-Hand Dresses 43, and Coming Next

2017 Writing Monies

More on Hair, Eye Colors, Falling Rain, and Second-Hand Dresses 16

Changing Gears

Romance, Bylines, NSFW Scenes, and Second-Hand Dresses 4

Advent Children, The End, Sand and Bone 35, What's Next

Violence, Mutual Destruction, Midnight Flight, Pacifism, and Sand and Bone 28

Death Marches; Burnout; Publication Status; Sand and Blood v3; Sand and Bone 26

Losing Wars; Rites of Passage; Information Overload; Sand and Bone 25

Power Discovery; Empowered; Sand and Bone 20

Sand and Bone 19, sorrow, and fear of the dark

Sand and Bone 18 and the noble death

Sand and Bone 13, Nudity verses sex, Struggling for money

Sand and Bone 12, HERO system, and pacing

Sand and Bone 10 and hair styles

My publications for 2016

Sand and Bone 5, Flight of the Scions 39, splitting novels, and Exalted

Writing with Markdown and YAML

Sand and Bone 1, Flight of the Scions 35

Sand and Blood is finished!

Sand and Blood 29, Flight of the Scions 34

Sand and Blood 28, Flight of the Scions 33, and social rules

Sand and Blood 27, Flight of the Scions 32, and mistakes

Sand and Blood 26, Flight of the Scions 31, and doubt

Sand and Blood 25, Flight of the Scions 30, and character depth

Sand and Blood 24, Flight of the Scions 29, and teachers

Sand and Blood 23, Flight of the Scions 28, and giant telepathic toads

Sand and Blood 21-22, Flight of the Scions 27, powers, and secrets

Sand and Blood 20, Flight of the Scions 26, death, and lessons

Sand and Blood 19, Flight of the Scions 25, and recovering from action

Sand and Blood 18, Flight of the Scions 24, seeing in the dark, and violence

Sand and Blood 17, Flight of the Scions 23, magical healing, and power addiction

Sand and Blood 16, Flight of the Scions 22, and differing personalities

Trigger Warnings

Sand and Blood 15, Flight of the Scions 21, and telepathic computers

Sand and Blood 14, Flight of the Scions 20, and being weaker

Sand and Blood 13, Flight of the Scions 19, angels, and types of intelligence

Sand and Blood 12, Flight of the Scions 18, speech patterns, and the Industrial Age

Sand and Blood 11, Flight of the Scions 17, Sand and Ash status, abusive relationships, telepaths, and economics

Sand and Blood 10, Flight of the Scions 16, and gaining powers

Sand and Blood 9, Flight of the Scions 15 (again), five chapters of Sand and Bone, and injuries

Sand and Blood 8, Flight of the Scions 13 (again)

Sand and Ash

Sand and Ash 29, Flight of the Scions 11, suicide, and racism

Sand and Ash 26, Flight of the Scions 8, and mistakes

2015 Writing Income

Sand and Ash 19, Flight of the Scions 1

Sand and Ash 18, Flight of the Scions, and Second-Hand Dresses

Sand and Ash 13, Mikáryo

Sand and Ash 10 and Tsubàyo

Tarsan Famlies, Building Cultures, and Naming

Sand and Ash 03, Pacifism, and the Chosen One

Sand and Ash, Creative Commons, and Patreon

WisCon and Bloodbond

Writing News

Sand and Blood v1.2.0

Creating a Fictionary

2014 Writing Income

Journals of Fedran idea

Why I chose the desert

Scheduling Delays

Sand and Blood is mostly updated


R5-D4 Plots

Smashwords sale and GoodReads giveaway

Adding novel quotes

What is in a name?

Match Book Pricing

Fulfilling an Obligation

Sand and Blood is finally here!

Choosing between two Sand and Blood covers

The difficulties of the third book

A lot of little things going on

Been a few weeks

Swears, Epitaphs, and Insults

And more editing!

A rather stressful week and then another

Another week of editing

Rejected by Harper Voyager

And a lovely Monday to say the least

Well, that wasn't on the plan


A relaxing weekend

Time keeps on passing

Holding my breath

Making a cover for Sand and Blood

Sand and Blood cover

Preparing for WisCon 37

Creating Unicode charts for fonts

Less than glowing feedback

And now I have a title

Switching gears on Becoming a Man

Slight belated goals

Looking for beta readers again

The end of 2012

Paths of least resistance

Miwāfu glyphs

Finished a first draft

Fear of submission