In the coming week

So, Sunday night and Monday morning is always the point I plan out my week for projects. Last week was docbook2odf which finished up two weeks of fairly decent coding.

The next few weeks are writing and editing. When I submitted Sand and Love to the writing group, they helped me realized that I missed a chapter opportunity that filled in a gap in the plot. I think a short 2-4k word chapter will fit in nicely and set the tone. Plus, it will bring the novel up to within 5k of the one before it.

I also got a rejected submission, but with feedback, so I'm going to try rewriting the story to fit the editor's needs. That will take more time because (most likely) I'm going to violate the word count to get their ideas into the story.

Next week, I'm planning on doing second round edits on my Thankgiving novel. This is a private gift novel for a friend, so it probably won't see the light of day, but I'm still going to do my best job before giving it to them. Since it is Christmas week, that will fit in the enjoyable gaps between the parties.