Well, that wasn't on the plan

Sometimes, when I make a plan, it doesn't work. This week was one of those times. I planned on editing, but with... other influences, I wasn't able to focus on writing enough to get anything coherent. Now, the reasons are good but my usual writing time was pretty much sucked out by my loyalty and the realization that I need to sleep if I want to get over this cold.


Instead, I worked on some website stuff. It's been two years since I did Moonfire Photography and there were some nice changes to WordPress in the meantime. I would like to finish that up this week. I'm doing some other minor things.

Of course, that means I really need to finish these edits but I have a holiday week coming up and a fair amount of time to focus on those. EDM is going to their grandparents from Monday to Wednesday---that will help.

I have some other websites to work on, mainly to explore the differences between DocPad and Jekyll. I've used DocPad on a number of sites, but as the pages get larger, my laptop begins to overhead. I'm hoping that Jekyll uses less CPU to generate the page. We'll see, it doesn't take that long to convert templates.

In less cheerful observations

I just hit 5570 days since I last heard from my editor on Sand and Blood. The last time I talked to them (actually the last four times), they promised to be more responsive. In general, if they can't finish when they said, send an email to tell me. I've been doubling the time before I start to get anxious each time.

I sent Sand and Blood to the editor in the first week of June. From what I read, three months would have been a reasonable time to edit the novel, but six months is pretty much good for a 60k word piece. It doesn't help that I know they are taking on other jobs instead of finishing my own, because they told me they were in an email.

Normally, serendipity works for me. In this case, it obviously hasn't worked out very well at all. It also means that I'm stuck with trying to find a new editor.

And even less cheerful observations

More importantly, this weekend was anniversary of SMWM's father's death. It is also the estimated date of birth for the baby we lost earlier in the year. It has made the days a bit grayer. There was nothing we could do about either of these, but it still hurts.