Board games and broomsticks

This was a pretty eventful week of board and computer games, a bit of writing, and moving forward.


Another week end and it was actually a relatively productive one. I managed to rewrite one story and resubmit it and also wrote a new chapter for Sand and Love that will hopefully fill in a gap in the plot (or at least understanding).


Shannon Ryan and his wife came over for board games, along with two of our friends from Iowa City. We played Redneck Life and Deadwood Studio. Both of those games have a much different feel with six players, not quite what I expected.

Of course, that meant cleaning. I was up until two in the morning cleaning the house because it was the first time they had been there and SMWM had a maternity photo shoot a few hours before that. So, it was clean everything I could, set up a studio, take down a studio, and clean some more.


(I never tried to embed a Tweet before.)

After some comments on Twitter, I realized that I had Starbound but had never played it. Sadly, this seems to be true with a number of kickstarted projects, but it was a little fun for a few hours. I don't know how long I'll play it, mainly because I usually have to make a decision between "playing a game" and "writing". And I usually pick writing.


It may not be obvious, but I'm uncomfortable with cloud companies. No doubt, they are very useful and I don't think I could live without my Gmail or Dropbox right now, but that doesn't mean I don't try to find alternatives.

For a while, I've seen ownCloud but I dismissed it because it looked like it was just a web file system. Last night, however, I noticed it appeared to have a Dropbox-like client to it. And it is controlled entirely by me, which means there isn't a constant pressure for referrals and "buy me for more than 2 GB" notices.

No idea if it will work, but I'm willing to try it. I'm (almost) always willing to try new things.


Speaking of that, I have no plans for this weekend. I ended up working through my lunch the last couple days of the previous week, mainly to try getting something done that was my idea (so naturally, I didn't want it to fail).