Life has been pretty hectic right now and I'm trying not to push it (I don't need to burn out at this point). However, I've gotten some good progress on a number of fronts including one that is somewhat significant:

  • I finished submitting Sand and Ash to the writing group. I'm still hesitant with my writing skills (mainly because I miss so much), so I really appreciate being able to get people's opinions on plot, pacing, etc. But, after today's edit at lunch, I'm currently sitting on a completed book with no outstanding feedback. So, I promptly asked another beta reader to read it.
  • This also opens up for me working on Sand and Blood during my lunch hours. I'll get to find out if all the wait was worth it. I'm a little nervous there.
  • I packaged a book (print and ebook) for a friend. I did this mainly so I could improve my skills in packaging (for Sand and Blood of course) and they were willing to let me make mistakes. It was a fun experience and I have some new opinions about CreateSpace verses Lulu.
  • I finished a first draft of a sci-fi anthology that I was sitting on for almost a year. Procrastination unfortunately nailed me there and I was struggling to get it written up and polished before the 15th.

So, while it is slow progress, it is progress. And that isn't something to be upset about.