Always one more thing

With Sand and Blood rapidly approaching being published, I'm beginning to realize I'm not nearly as prepared as I thought I was.

  • Set up the basic world web page: I'm not planning on doing a full wiki site for the books, but I do want to have a couple pages of world-building that I've done to help explain the world and also to list things like book order (written verses chronological), relationships between the stories, history, and significant characters.
  • Set up a landing page for the book: I know most of the world has moved away from QR codes, but I love the buggers and have one on the back cover. Plus, I want a "buy me" page for the book that I can point people to. Since I like sending people to "not Amazon", I want to have links to other places too (along with Amazon, I'm not that clueless).
  • Cover: I'm still tweaking the cover to hopefully look good as thumbnails as well as in print. I thought I had something, but then the smaller version didn't work out as well.
  • Get a few posts out on world-building. I already figured out the curses, I just haven't written them up. I went a lot milder than I originally planned.
  • Figure out what is Creative Commons and what is "all rights reserved." I wrote a blog post about this, but it was too depressing, so I'm trying to clarify my thoughts on it.
  • At least a high-level map. Oh, how I don't want to do this. But, I have characters who run thirty to fifty miles per hour along with one who can break the sound barrier. Since they are running back and forth across the desert, I need to make sure the distances are correct.

Side note: Never write books with speedsters, they require you to build out too much of the world.