Switching Sites to Jekyll

I'm now mostly converted over to static websites using Jekyll and MfGames Jekyll Website. There are advantages and drawbacks of this approach, but for right now, I'm pretty happy with the advantages.

  • Static pages: Lately, my ISP's rendering of WordPress has gotten pretty slow. Static pages are about as fast as I can make it.
  • No logins: Since everything is generated on my local machines, there isn't a chance of breaking into the system since there is no logins.
  • Unique appearance: Well… mostly. I'm not using a built-in theme, just something I threw together with Bootstrap and a few other plugins.
  • Controlled via Git: I love source control, not much else to say.

While I know that the chances of someone breaking into my WordPress sites was pretty low, even with automated tools, those emails were the last thing I needed to push me into doing this. It also gave me a chance to create something “different” and also tie into some other processes.

In the process, I changed

Technically, I changed a few others, but I have no traffic with those, so they don't really count.

It isn't perfect. I still see things I need to do, but at the moment, it works well enough that I should move into the next project. So, here's for a new site that I will hopefully enjoy for years.