Efficiency and broken legs

On Wednesday, I broke my leg. I wasn't doing anything dramatic or adventurous, I was crossing the street. I managed to hit a pothole (or something) because I twisted my ankle and then power-dove across the street to land in the grass.

At first, I thought it was just a sprain. Just in case, I spent fifteen minutes prodding to see if I can feel a broken bone. When there wasn't any grinding, I decided to try making it back but then I realized I couldn't put any lateral pressure at all. I could stand straight and nothing else.

There is nothing like the humility of calling your boss to ask for a ride to the emergency room. But, I managed to get over it somewhere in my five hour visit (four hours waiting, one hour of service). When I finally got service, it was very efficient and fast (to say, it took an hour). I snapped the end of my fibula of my right leg.

They gave me a boot, some crutches, and “have a nice day” and set me up for an appointment on Monday. Right now, I'm on day four of having nothing but a boot on my foot. Every time I get up to go the bathroom, I can feel the bones grinding in my leg. The codine is helping, but really at the point where discomfort is causing my perceptions to time to slow down. It feels like weeks have passed.

Along the way, I'm finding efficiencies to avoid discomfort. Little things like how to tense my muscles to reduce the grinding, the ways of getting out of bed with the least amount of sore muscles, and how to clean myself up at night. There are a couple that still cause me great amounts of street, but in my three meter world, life is intensely uncomfortable but bearable.

The worse part is that SMWM has to take care of three people now: a three year old, a six week old, and an almost-forty year old.

My main goal is not to be the baby.