Match Book Pricing

I'm a strong believer in the print versions of books, but I'm also in love with ebooks. But, I hate when you buy a print version for a book, fall for it, but then have to pay full price (or more) for the ebook version.

If I could get my entire library as ebooks without paying an arm and a leg, I'd seriously consider it.

Amazon has book matching as one of their nifty new features. So, if you buy the print version of Sand and Blood at Amazon, you can get the Kindle version for free. No need to pay more for the ebook, you already bought it.

I'd seriously consider doing the same for buying the print version anywhere else. If you get a print version somewhere and want the ebook, I'll give you a copy. Might ask for you to write on the legal page and send in a picture.

In other words, Amazon has both the print and ebook versions of my book. Which is cool, but I'm not sure why no one else seems to have it yet. Well, patience. I'm good at that.