Forgotten Story - Best of Enemies

Back in 2011, I wrote a humorous fantasy story called Best of Enemies. To my surprise, it was published by Aoife's Kiss and I got to see my name on the front cover of a gloss magazine. The contract was a six month exclusive and I meant to post it up on my site, but then forgotten for… well, looks like just over four years.

Something someone said reminded me that I needed to post it, so here it is.

Best of Enemies

Long-retired adventurer and cover model for Swordarm Magazine, Tima has one last adventure, to stop her mortal enemy—Rathin—from doing something that everyone would regret. Can she survive one last attempt at his tower? Will the traps finally catch her? Will her armor stop pinching?

It's a little silly piece, not set in any specific world. It is also interesting to see how my writing has changed in five years (takes a while to get published) but it still brings a smile to my face.