Well, that was anti-climatic

In the process of updating my website, I encountered an interesting little problem: I have to coordinate the dates between two novel series. Rutejìmo's third book is about the same time as Kanéko's fourth book. To add complexity to the issue, she is from a much different part of the world. Naturally, I couldn't do something simple like having the entire world use a single unified calendar and time system. No, I had to make each culture evolve its own way of handling things like that which means those two series don't exactly mesh together.

There were a bunch of ways of handling it, but in the end I decided to actually use the library and environment that I spent the last month working on and merged everything together for my world website.

It also gave me an excuse to create the data files for my two big calendars: Tarsan Standard Calendar and Mansupi Tachira Ripochya. This is something that was on my to do list and this was a (fun) excuse to actually work on it. Actually, much of what I do on that site is pretty much me having fun putting everything together and make a good-looking site that showcases the breadth of my writing.

It took about six hours of working, but the end result is:

When someone hovers over a date field on the site, they will be able to see what that day is across the entire world. And to make things a bit easier, I also have the rough season when it happened. (I hope, still need to heavily test the seasonal thing.)

The frustrating part is that creating a tooltip over the date is somewhat anti-climatic. It doesn't look like much, but there are weeks of work behind it. Weeks of working on data files, puzzle through bugs, and learning new things.

It doesn't even look that exciting at the other end.

{{event: 1454/7/41 MTR, kyo, Born}}

But, it doesn't matter. That little tooltip is the result of a lot of hard work and I'm pretty proud of it. It takes a lot to make something look simple. You can play with it on Rutejìmo's page. It also has the beginning of the new inline events, which will eventually lead into building a timeline automatically down the line.