On #lexember 7, I give you binafichu or using writing in architecture

For the seventh day of Lexember, I have a word for using writing with buildings and architecture. This actually shows up in my current book, Sand and Bone for chapter ten (which isn't up yet).

He reached the peak of a hill and realized the light had played a trick on him. He thought the brightness meant he was only a few chains away. But, standing on the ridge, he saw all of Kosobyo City spread out before him. The blocks and buildings were arranged in letters that spelled out Kosòbyo. Each symbol appeared to have been designed so there was no question who owned the city.

Individual districts—he didn't know their names—were lit by different colors. The nearest had blue and yellow lights but one of the northern parts was completely red-tinted. Further along, green flames lined the streets of what appeared to be the grandiose part of the city filled with tall buildings decorated in statues and murals. The center of the green light district had a palace easily five stories tall with a massive snake head rising up from the top.

Lexember 7: binafichu


  • binafìchu: /ebi.na.ꜜɸi̥.tɕɯ̥/
  • binafīchu: /bi.na.ɸiː.tɕɯ̥/



  1. Buildings, landscaping, and architecture that is arranged and designed to show a clan name.



  1. To use buildings, landscape, or achitecture to write.