Second-Hand Dresses 3

So, it's been a long time since I've done anything with Second-Hand Dresses but a number of folks on Wattpad stumbled on it so I was feeling guilty about not updating it. This evening, I did a little organization on the first chapter, split it in a half, and then merged it with the first section of the next chapter.

The main reason I did that is because I don't like ending chapters on cliffhangers. When I was writing this for the Journals of Fedran it made sense but since I'm splitting it into its own novel, I want to fit my normal style which means chapter breaks are when you can set down the book and go to sleep.

Second-Hand Dresses 2: A Moment of Quiet

After the customers from hell were finally gone, Lily had a chance to enjoy a glass of wine and think about her life. But her thoughts were interrupted by a man from her past, a man who was responsible for her situation. A man who had been gone for many years without a letter to tell her why he disappeared in the middle of the night.

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Second-Hand Dresses 3: Kudame

It took an hour for Lily to clean up the mess that Kendrick left. By the time she finished, it was dark and her mother's driver had to help the final touches before driving Lily back to her mother's manor.

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