Closure, R5-D4 Plots, Patreon, and Sand and Bone 34

We are now at the penultimate chapter of the novel. Only one more left before we get to the end. This is also one of the more emotional chapters for me because it puts a capstone on one of the longer threads that ran through the entire trilogy.


This is actually one of my favorite chapters for many reasons. The biggest is that it brings us fully back to the first novel, Sand and Blood. It is a closure for Rutejìmo and Tsubàyo's relationship that has been woven through all three of the novels.

I like relatively complex evolution between characters. Of all the characters in the novels, this is surprised me by being the one that has changed the most. I wanted to give it a proper capstone for the end of this book and the end of the trilogy.

R5-D4 Plots

Going back to the R5-D4 Plots and how the novels of interact with each other, this is one of the more blatant references to my plans for Horse Thief, both the characters involved but also the inciting event. We'll see if it works out, it ends up being an interesting story because it ties into the Industrial War.


The vote for the next novel is still open. This is for patrons, even ones who aren't going through Patreon.

Alpha readers for Flight can also jump on it. I'll close the poll pretty much when I start posting the next one, the next chapters of both novels are already done and ready to go.

Sand and Bone 34: One Last Time

Rutejìmo managed to survive to the night thanks to both Mikáryo and Tsubàyo but there is no question that he won't survive another one. The only thing left is a single run left, a final run, for a distance more than he had ever made in his entire life.

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