Adultery, Boys Will Not Be Boys, and Second-Hand Dresses 8

Since this is a short, steamy little scene between Lily and Hasan, it is a good time to talk about Hasan being a married to Mindil while kissing Lily. Not everyone like affairs in their romance, but I do. Of course, I like it when there is no adultery either, The Silk Touch won't have a married man fighting for a decade-old passion.

This is a lovely, intimate scene that shows Hasan's passions struggling with his own shackles while Lily continues to crave his intimacy. This is asking for trouble from both of them, though they come at it from much different places.

I love the struggles, the ebb and flow of desire and pushing back.

This isn't quite NSFW but it is getting there.


Lily doesn't know how far Hasan will go (with his hands, kissing, or even further). In her mind, he is rapidly reaching the point of no return with his vows to his wife (Mindil). She knows it is wrong but at the same time, she is the one he can't resist. The forbidden aspect is also a thrill, one that makes the sudden affections of one man even more intense.

I do consider Mindil's (Hasan's wife) involvement as critical in this relationship. What Lily doesn't know is that Mindil has given a degree of permission with Hasan, but it was in abstract terms. She doesn't know that Lily is back in Hasan's life nor that he is kissing her. That leads into an important part of poly relationships, communication.

She'll be talking about that when she gets involved. At the moment, Lily and Hasan are enjoying the heady dance on the edge of a forbidden affair.

Boys Will Not Be Boys

One of the things I intense dislike is the phrase:

Boys will be boys.

It says that boys (regardless of age) are somehow incapable of acting properly when presented with a pretty girl or with temptation. I think that's bullshit. It doesn't matter what she wears, what she does, what she is drinking, or what happened thirty seconds before.

Hasan is an adult and should act like that. He is responsible for his actions, no one else.

Now… this culture doesn't agree with me. Like our own, “boys will be boys” is a way of describing relationships. It won't be a major plot point, but if Lily's and Hasan's intimacy come into the public view, she would be the one to blame, not only for being the woman involved but also her unluck.

I'm not going that way in this story.

Second-Hand Dresses 8: Waiting

On the last day of the week, Lily decides to head into work to try to finish Nirih's dress. On the way, though, she is stopped by Hasan who “happened” to be in the area. He offers to give her a ride to her work, though he is hoping for far more than just a honorable ride.

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