New Cover, Cover Grammar, and Second-Hand Dresses 14

This week is a short chapter, mostly a little tease about Lily's and Kendrick's relationship. It also heaps up some distractions up on poor Lily, but she manages to actually complete something and give him a little extra to make his life easier.

New Cover

This weekend, I decided to make a new cover for Second-Hand Dresses that matches the style of my previous ones. I'm sure I'll be tweaking it over the next month, but I really like how it turned out.

Second-Hand Dresses cover

Frustratingly, the Flight of the Scions cover didn't quite work out as well. That is going to take longer to find the right “content” for that one.

Cover Grammar

Book covers have a “grammar” to them, signals that indicate their contents. With romance, you can get 10-15 of them in a row and I'm sure you'll notice the common themes: half-naked people pressed up against each other, usually a soft blur, or bare chests. The font is usually cursive and flowing.

You may notice the above cover doesn't have those signals. I'm aware of that when I made the cover, but I have two styles I have to match. The first is the romance cover and the other fits the Fedran style of covers. Since the latter is easier for me to produce, it will be on the A5 version of the printed book and thumbnails. I'll commission a cover that has more of the romance signals when I'm doing, that will be on the mass market paperback format and should look like a more classical Regency cover.

Second-Hand Dresses 14: Distractions

Lily is having trouble concentrating on repairing Kendrick's suit while he sits naked in a chair in the other room. She wasn't expecting him to be so handsome, nor was she prepared to see Kendrick's past few years mapped in scars along his body.

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