Gender Roles, Guilt, Archetypes, and NSFW Second-Hand Dresses 21

This week's naughty chapter is about Lily coming home to find Hasan cooking dinner for him. Unexpected, she finds that she wants him even more and her resolve to avoid cheating with Mindil rises up until she is forced to take matters into her own fingers.

Gender Roles

What I tried to set up is some of the gender roles in the Tarsan culture without explaining all of them. In this case, it is about Hasan cooking a meal. This is normally a “woman's job” but he enjoys it for special conditions. His reasons for learning how to cook is somewhat subtle—Mindil likes it. It will come up a couple of times in the novel because it part of what he is and integral part of how he shows interest.

In my twenties, I used to cook a lot for my friends. It was something that brought me a lot of joy, so naturally I brought it into this story.

Hasan cooking is a sweet and tender thing, more so because culturally he isn't suppose to even acknowledge the “womanly things.” He wants to, not only because he finds joy in cooking but also because it brings a smile to Mindil. It is his form of seduction, which works to a different degree with Lily (as opposed to Mindil who considers it one of her major turn-ons… well, along with putting him in an apron and asking him to serve her).


One of the things I'm attempting to show with this story is Hasan's lack of guilt. In one way, it looks like he is happily cheating on her. He isn't, as it will come up. The key part is that Lily doesn't realize that Hasan can have tact permission to woo her.

It also reflects that Hasan is clueless that Lily is struggling with her guilt. This is another important part of the story for me because not I struggle to “read” others. I can't always tell if someone is upset at me or actually interested in what I say. That is one reason why I respond well to “shut up, Dylan” or try to make it clear that someone doesn't have to feel guilt blowing me off; it means I don't have to struggle to understand.

True, Hasan isn't as bad as me, but I've lost associations (I wouldn't say friends) because of “something you did” that I still don't know… twenty years later.

Hasan is just excited about Lily. She is “one on the list” and he is anxious to enjoy her. Plus she is obviously interested in him, judging from the way she responded to his kisses, touches, and other teasing.

He just doesn't realize that she is struggling with guilt.

This, too, will come up.


I think every author has archetypes, character concepts that they go back to more than once. In many ways, Hasan's not realizing Lily's struggle is not unlike Rutejìmo's epic obtuseness in Sand and Ash.

Given that I struggled with those same things, it's obvious that the Socially Clueless Guy is one of my archetypes. Does that mean it won't show up again? No chance of it, but at least the next novel doesn't have that.


This chapter is not safe for work because Lily has a great idea that she would have an easier time resisting Hasan's seduction if she masturbates first. (Slight spoiler for next week, she can't.)

Second-Hand Dresses 21: Dinner Service

Lily comes home to find Hasan making her dinner. With Mindil out of town, there is nothing between the two to do whatever they want. Hasan's intentions are obvious but Lily has seconds thoughts about her own resistance.

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