Birth Control and Second-Hand Dresses 26

This week, I have a little rant about birth control and introduce the next chapter of Lily's tale.

Birth Control

I think birth control and safe sex are important parts of our lives. Abstinence has been proven to fail (no morals will ever overcome the hormones of a teenager). Teaching them about sex, how it happens, what happens, and how to be safe is truly the best way to ensure that we have less teenage children and unwanted pregnancies. It would also help people make more intelligent decisions about pregnancy instead of basing their decisions on “feelings.”

I decided to go with magical spells for birth control in this part of the world. In Flight of the Scions, Maris gives Kanéko a tea which does the same thing; different cultures, same results.

The main part is I wanted Lily to have a safe time with her future lovers instead of having even a specter of an unwanted pregnancy mar even my own internal story.

Second-Hand Dresses 26: An Unexpected Comfort

Devastated by her visit with her mother, Lily is on the urge of breaking down when she gets comfort from an unexpected quarter.

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