Lexember 3 - tsukokimu

I'm participating in Lexember, a month-long challenge to come up with a new word for my conlang every day for the entire month. I try to follow a theme, so this year's entries are all related to describing desert magic.

Lexember 3: tsukokimu


  • tsukokīmu: /tsɯ.ko.kiː.mɯ/



  1. To answer a spiritual call from a clan member.

    • Sand and Bone 1

      A screech filled the air, radiating away from the sharp cliffs that surrounded Shimusogo Valley. Even ripped from a human's throat, the sound traveled further than a mere cry could ever match. It rolled along the sand dunes and past the short ridges of rocks peppering the desert around the valley.

      Rutejìmo froze when the sound slammed into him. The screech demanded action, forcing him to focus on the cliffs that framed the home valley. The sound continued past him, but he heard it repeating in his head like a memory refusing to be forgotten. He clenched his hand, and the leather ball he was about to throw slipped from his palm and landed on the ground with a muted thud.