Lexember 14 - udimo

I'm participating in Lexember, a month-long challenge to come up with a new word for my conlang every day for the entire month. I try to follow a theme, so this year's entries are all related to describing desert magic.

Lexember 14: udimo


  • udīmo: /ɯ.diː.mo/



  1. The moment of pleasure when someone's associated celestial body rises above the horizon.

    • Sand and Bone 4

      Even in the depths of his family cave, Rutejìmo knew the moment the sun rose above the horizon. The delicate tickle of power started at the tips of his toes and fingers before quickly coursing along his veins and bones. It reached his heart and blossomed into a euphoric wave of pleasure that quickened his breath and heart.

      Across the valley, all the adults would be waking up in the same manner. They were all part of Shimusògo’s clan, and the dépa’s power came from the sun spirit, Tachìra.

      Mapábyo let out a soft coo. She made the same sound every morning, and he never tired of hearing it. Rutejìmo rolled on his side and swept his leg forward, burrowing through the blankets until his shin thudded against the hard muscles of her leg. After so many years of sprinting across the desert, both of their legs were solid as rock.