Introducing Patron-Only Content

So, you are probably wondering where this email came from. It is a private mailing list only for patrons (either through Patreon, conventions, or direct).

Over the last few months, I've been thinking patrons a lot. Mainly you have all been supporting me for so long and I really appreciate it, but I feel that I haven't been holding up my end of the bargain as much as I hoped. However, I've struggled with the idea of not giving away everything for free… which is probably why I managed to have less than five patrons for a few years running.

So to that end, I'm going to try a few different things. One is that I'm going to push to produce something for patrons that is private. It may be small but I want to aim for a weekly posting of stuff only for you.

At the moment, these are things I'm considering:

  • The desert card deck and related games, 64 Games for 64 Cards. This will easily take me more than a year to finish even with a handful of cards in a week. The first game is the one from the second chapter of Sand and Ash. Coming up with the card images and game rules was my first idea.
  • Related to that, I need to create the custom font for the card which will take me a while. I like creating fonts but I need to finish enough to do the cover for Journals of Fedran.
  • RPG rules for characters, specifically Fate but maybe HERO or other systems. Since these might be licensed, I can't give them away.
  • Future cover ideas, novels, ideas. Maybe a few spoilers.
  • Book covers, because they are fun.
  • Maybe a web comic or two.
  • Definitely a short story here and there.

I'm not really sure how this is going to work out, but I want to make you all happy (and maybe get a few more patrons while I'm at it). Those who are at the $4/month or higher donations will get a vote on what I'm working on. If they don't say anything, then I'll just do whatever fits my fancy.

The reason I'm doing this as a mailing list and not Patreon is because Patreon doesn't really work for me and I have subscribers who come from other sources (convention sales, direct from the Typewriter website). I end up copy/paste/fixing and it takes a while. A mailing list is a bit easier, I hope it works out for everyone. I tried to make it as easy as possible to filter into a sub folder or set aside.

I'm aiming for Monday postings (and therefore emails sometime Monday or Tuesday).

If you have opinions, feedback, or votes, please don't hesitate to email