Jogūchya Card Names

Expanding on last week, I'm expanding out the sixty-four cards that make up the Jogūchya deck.

Last Week's Bad Links

I had bad links in last week's email, so here are the various suits and color schemes I was talking about. The other image was just a close-up of the card so there isn't anything new.

One card of Each suit

I tweaked the red slightly due to feedback from one patron, mainly to desaturate it slightly.

Preexisting References

The second chapter of Sand and Ash is the only reference of published material referencing a card. That means I only have to make sure that deck works.

  • Three of Snakes
  • Six of Snakes
  • Three of Scorpions (Insects)
  • Two of Rocks
  • Five of Birds
  • Eight of Birds
  • Three of Horses
  • Four of Scorpions (Insects)

The biggest disconnect between last week's post and the one in the novel is scorpions verses insects and snakes verses reptiles. Since I always imagined there are thousands of different sets of cards in the world, no doubt different people will have different styles. This means there are artistic ones, watercolors, and even nudes.

The cards I'm planning on creating fit the style of my book covers but there is nothing wrong with the Shimusògo have a deck with scorpions and snakes instead of insects and reptiles.

Naming Cards

In addition to the suits and cards, my plan is to have a specific name for each card, much like the major arcana of the tarot deck. This will tie into December's Lexember where creators of conlangs come up with a word a day, this year's theme is going to be these cards.

This means that cards will have a name, a suit, rank, and a specific type (insects, reptiles, flowers). I think with these components, we have a relatively full-featured deck that can cover most of the needs of a traveling clan member in the middle of the desert.

The Cards

Suit Rank Title Miwāfu
Stones 1 Mountain kodòshyo
2 Valley
3 Cliff
4 Cave
5 Wind's Teeth
6 Boulder
7 Pebbles
8 Sand Storm
Waters 1 Ocean
2 Clouds yarimùfu
3 River
4 Waterfall
5 Oasis
6 Well
7 Bucket
8 Glasses
Birds 1 Eagle
2 Hawk
3 Roadrunner shimusōgo
4 Ostrich
5 Crows
6 Sparrows
7 Nest
8 Eggs
Herds 1 Tachira's
2 Horse
3 Bighorn
4 Camel
5 Deer
6 Goat
7 Sheep
8 Hoof Prints
Reptiles 1 Feathered Snake chyòre
2 Iguana
3 Winged Lizard
4 Toad/Frog
5 Lizard
6 Cobra
7 Tortoise
8 Geckos
Packs 1 Coyote
2 Mountain Lions
3 Hairless Hounds figaki tòra
4 Chipmunks/Squirrels
5 Hyenas
6 Rabbits
7 Desert Cats
8 Mice/Rats
Insects 1 Spider
2 Beetle
3 Ladybug
4 Walking Sticks
5 Sand Flies
6 Horned Beetle
7 Cockroach
8 Fleas
Flowers 1 Chrysanthemum
2 Ivy
3 Pine Cones
4 Resin Tree
5 Rose kanēko
6 Vines
7 Grass
8 Morning Breath

Next Steps

At this point, I think I have the basic cards named. The next step is coming up with Miwāfu names for the remaining fifty-eight cards. That will probably be next week, it takes a while to come up with things that don't sound similar.

If you have any suggestions for card changes, feel free to suggest them.