Coming up with Jogūchya card names (2 of 2)

Well, I haven't done too well on the weekly thing but I need to finish the posts so I can participate in Lexember this year. So, here are the last thirty-two cards named using Miwāfu for the upcoming month.

The Cards

Suit Rank Title Miwāfu
Reptiles 1 Feathered Snake chyòre
2 Iguana rukán
3 Winged Lizard mitóki
4 Toad/Frog farūku
5 Lizard pachyún
6 Cobra finigóre
7 Tortoise hyudóshi
8 Geckos rímu
Packs 1 Coyote gatīru
2 Mountain Lions hamàni
3 Hairless Hounds figaki tòra
4 Chipmunks/Squirrels agúfi
5 Hyenas mimùro
6 Rabbits ikífu
7 Desert Cats chigano tōmo
8 Mice/Rats kúfo
Insects 1 Spider otéza
2 Beetle niágyo
3 Ladybug gupa gúno
4 Walking Sticks kugagína
5 Sand Flies mushi nági
6 Horned Beetle ron ágyo
7 Cockroach ikugāfu
8 Fleas ogápi
Flowers 1 Chrysanthemum ashyobyūpa
2 Ivy wiyōtsu
3 Pine Cones opichyo fēe
4 Resin Tree zushīchya
5 Rose kanēko
6 Vines wuyāto
7 Grass wōi
8 Morning Breath misa bōpi

Next Steps

Now that the cards are named, I need to start focusing on getting them drawn out. This will probably take longer, drawing is not quite as easy as writing plus I have a number of writing obligations (three at this point) that are going to suck up my time.


I'm still having doubts of doing this as patron-only. While I love that you are supporting me, I like sharing my work because I'm so erratic and I don't have any hopes of getting more patrons in the near future.