National Poetry Month

I've decided to participate with National Poetry Month for the first time. In my case, this means I'm going to write a poem a day in April. As with the rest of my writing this decade, these poems are going to be focused on Fedran.

Raging Alone 6: Hiding

After hours of grieving, the last thing Desòchu wanted to come home to was a crying baby.

Raging Alone 5: Waking Up

A scream wakes up Desòchu while he is watching his brother. The first thought was his mother who had gone out on a walk. Terrified, he rushed to find out.

Raging Alone 4: Baby Brother

Desòchu finally get a chance to sit down and meet his new baby brother, Rutejìmo.

Raging Alone 3: The Call

Desòchu goes to check on his mother while she is sleeping. To his horror, he finds her bleeding out across the bed. He tries to call for help but panics.