National Poetry Month

I've decided to participate with National Poetry Month for the first time. In my case, this means I'm going to write a poem a day in April. As with the rest of my writing this decade, these poems are going to be focused on my fictional world, Fedran.

These are all written as unreliable narrators, much like my stories and novels. This means they are biased and limited in perceptions. It also means that the beliefs don't reflect my own: there are already poems that are racist and bigoted ones, a number of them are written by twenty-somethings still learning who they are, and even a few written by obsessive tendencies. Or at least I hope they will be; one of my goals of Fedran was to create a world with breadth and avoiding the writer version of “same face” where everyone sounds or acts the same.

I hope you enjoy reading them, they'll start tomorrow.