January in Writing

As part of my accountability and encouragement of writing, here are all the interesting writing and world-building posts I've done in the month of January.

My weekly posts continued as normal. January covered 236 through 240 of consecutive weeks since I started posting weekly chapters.

  • Allegro 3-6: Most of January was introducing characters, establishing plot hooks for later, and showing a bit of montage. It's a bit more time travel for me than usual since the first six chapters covers twelve years.

On the world-building side, I didn't have quite as many posts as I would have liked.

  • Sequels, Prequels, and Intermissions was just a little discussion about how I seem to be arranging my writing, mostly in spreading out from my tent pole stories and building up the world more.
  • Jogūchya - Snap the Tail was the rules for a card game inspired by Uno and and Go Fish. Eventually, this will lead into 64 Cards for 64 Games.
  • Tarsan: I also took a hand at writing some wiki-like pages for various components of my world. This is for Tarsan, one of the important countries for my current world development.

On the short story side, I had three stories:

  • Last Chance at Immortality is a story about a man who spent his entire life creating devices of destruction and on the eve of his own fading life. I'd say it introduces him as a villain, but he was already one to start with.
  • A Gut Feeling continues Gertrude's story after she loses their family rock quarry and she stumbled into the resistance. Her entire story is actually related to Kanéko but I haven't linked them together. Gertrude's stories include Brick Delivery, Brick Jam, and Losing It Brick by Brick.
  • Blue Hat Club is a short story about a man who helps organize a local gay support group in Tarsan and the sweet day when an old man comes shuffling in.

So, a few short stories, some world-building, and a novel moving forward. Overall, a good month. I was hoping to get some other posts written but it is the beginning of the year and I had more paperwork than usual.

In Feburary, my goals are:

  • Continue Allegro. At the moment, I don't have a buffer so I need to try getting ahead on that piece.
  • Three short stories.
  • Three world-building pieces.
  • My writing monies for 2019 which is going to be a downer for me to write.
  • An updated post on writing processes.

As usual, let me know if you like any stories or want to see new topics or themes. I'm deeply thankful for my subscribers through Patreon and other places. Your help has been wonderful in encouraging me.

Thank you.