semantic-release-nuget v1.1.0

Last week, I wrote semantic-release-dotnet which was a semantic-release plugin to automatically set the version to the appropriate one before building.

One of the key parts missing from the normal .NET development cycle was also publishing the packages. I decided to break that into a separate plugin because I have a number of places where I don't want to publish but I do want something versioned (internal projects and customized deployments). So, in the essence of the Single Responsibility Principle, I created a second utility which does one thing: build and publish NuGet packages.

Introducing semantic-release-nuget. It doesn't have a lot of configurations, but the documentation covers all of them. Basically, it does one thing.

I mostly tested with MfGames.Locking, my CIL library for some thread-locking patterns, because I'm the process of carving out Gallium and Nitride into their own packages. I'm just not sure where to put them, so they are probably going in my Gitlab organization until I find a “better” organization/home.