Second-Hand Dresses delayed

Last year, I hoped to get Second-Hand Dresses edited and published. It was all part of my hopes to get writing going again after taking a break last December.

Sadly, things haven't really gone my way for most of the year and the last few months have sucked away any energy I have to do just about anything. I've managed to get some code out, but one comment from an editor threw me in a loop and I've struggled for a month to resolve it. Various other obligations got in the way, but mostly it was the two other factors that have made it impossible to make it, mostly my efforts to recover from the derecho and my obligations at work.

Not much to say about it. Well, there is lot to say but none of it is positive.

The end result is that my goal of getting Second-Hand Dresses published on November 16th isn't a possibility now. I'm not sure when, but I'm going to try again for 2022.

Life is somewhat of a spiral right now and I'm not enjoying it, but the only thing I can do is make a list and start knocking items off it, one at a time.