Exit Planning (v1.0.6, 2022-12-30)

We plan for the birth of our children but rarely do we prepare ourself for death until it's too late. This plot in a digital garden is a capsule of thoughts, observations, and experiences related to exit planning or preparing for the end of life.

This isn't one long document because the idea is to keep things to reasonable chunks of information. Also, in hopes of being able to find specific topics when needed.

⚠️ We are not lawyers. These is things to be aware of and experiences that have happened. In many cases, you might need a lawyer involved and we're not it. ⚠️

The introduction is a short essay on why planning for the end is important. It's a bit poetic, but seems like an easy way to explain why this was written and its purpose. We also have some tenants which guide the process of creating an exit plan. If you are in a hurry, then you can just look at some getting started suggestions.

The next section, circumstances, is the beginning to talk about the situations that happens when exit planning was needed. There are also additional issues when discussing incapacitation. Also, we talk about time because that is critical to how we organize things.

Following that, you want to consider the compassionate side of things and the technical details. These are both important, both to help ease the grief of our passing but also the concrete steps that need to be done next. It also is where thinking about who you trust to help and establishing a support network to help your trusted people.

Some of your priorities are going to be figuring out the legal issues, starting with what happens to your children and pets if you have them. Also, how you want your funeral to be arranged.

Over time, you'll review this information, set up some basic security to keep it up to date. This also means making sure your passwords is up to date financial information.

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