MfGames.GtkExt and MfGames.Sprite

After some discussion, I decided to rename my Gtk# library to MfGames.GtkExt. It is easier to type than MfGtk which I always get wrong. I also took the sprite library and isolated. For starters, it needs gmcs (C# 2) since I love generics and they fit well with the system.

This weekend, I worked on getting an isolated sprite library working properly with Gtk#. I managed to get it to handle 40+ sprites moving around at 30 fps without killing the CPU. It handles partial updates and actually works pretty smoothly. Overall, I'm very happy with the progress. Of course, I only have a week left to finish Wordplay, but that is the price for making libraries.

I'm also redoing the sprites for a more proper appearance for Wordplay.