Wordplay is mostly done!

Worked on Wordplay for the last couple of days. Ended up redoing most of the theme, to make it look more like a tile game instead of just random vector graphics on the screen. Okay, they weren't that bad, but the fancy font made it hard to read the tiles properly.

I ended up doing the MfGames.Sprite stuff to isolate the engine, but slomo said that it was taking too much CPU. Of course, the same set only took ~30% of my CPU took 100% of theirs. Dropping it down to 2 FPS took 4% of my CPU but 30% of theirs. Very interesting, but it might explain why I cannot find a single Gtk sprite engine (managed or not) anywhere.

ss-001.png ss-01.png ss-02.png ss-04.png ss-05.png

The two major features are the high scores list, which I'm pretty happy with. It stores the files in working directory of the game, but keeps the configuration options per-user. The other bit are the additions to the preferences screen. The FPS comes from the work spent on the MfGames.Sprite engine and really simplifies the code.

You can see from the third image, that water tiles are looking much nicer now.

If you want to try it out (please do) and give feedback (please do), try this link: