Playing with new computer

I got an identical computer at home for what I just got at work. This one is going to be very different. The first thing I did was head over to Best Buy to pick up a new SATA hard drive. Even though I handed the girl the gift certificate (200 USD from my mom for graduating!), she forgot, so I had to go through the checkout process twice; apparently when they void an order, it stays on your credit card for twenty-four hours. If I didn't happen to pay it down a little, it would have meant I was coming back today. Fortunately, I could handle it.

I picked up a 500 GB SATA drive. Yeah, its about twice the size of the original drive, but I've always come to the conclusion you should buy as much as you can comfortably afford. With the gift certificate and a 35 USD pack of Light-Scribe DVD+R (which Fluffy can't use apparently), it only came out to 118 USD. Pretty good deal.

I left Windows XP on the 250 GB and set up the 500 GB as Linux. Sadly, I didn't have any CDR's in the house, so I ended up using a blank DVD+R (not the Light-Scribe ones) to get Debian bootstrapped over to the new partition. Then, I spent a couple hours getting things installed. I finished up just as I was rebuilding part of the bed (we switched sides because of my shoulder).

It will be strange not to worry about drive space for a while. I've been surviving on 60 GB for everything on my laptop for about a year now. Now, I have 750 GB on a single machine that is faster, has more ram, and a better graphics card.

I'm doomed.