Killing Turf Wars

I can't do Turf Wars. I think the ideas is great, the images and I'm more than capable of doing it, I just don't seem to be making the time to do it. For the last two weekends, Fluffy has been out of town, so I thought to myself, what a perfect time to work on Turf Wars! Eight days of no distractions, plenty of time to figure out some bugs and mayb make it start to resemble a game.

What I did instead of write stories, play Exalted, and relaxed. In itself, I wouldn't have been bothered by it, but that is the same thing I've been doing for two months on the project. I basically haven't touched it since before GenCon.

Also, at GenCon, I got Mr. Helfers interested in my Mudd Fournier novel (working title is "Muddy Reflections"). I already have the major parts written, I just need to merge the two short stories and novella together, change how they all end, and basically package it. Doing that, I know I can do. Writing isn't a struggle for more, not like writing games is.So, while I'm going to stop on Turf Wars, I am going to work on a project I know I can do and want to do. It is due at the end of the year (Helfers looks at novels only in January, as I mentioned in the WBM entries).

It will also give me a chance to play with Triumph for fightertype. I know she would like to see Itrifore's world done up properly at some point, so I'll aim for that also. Both of those are things I'm much more comfortable with and maybe I won't find myself doing "everything but."